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My seminar attendees say:

  • "The presenter was very knowledgeable and presented in a way the rest of us could understand."
  • "Speaker was very informative and gave solid examples."
  • "Engaging topic, evidenced by Dale Halon's enthusiasm during the presentation! "
  • "Very knowledgeable speaker, interesting subject. This was my first webinar as a CPCU and I was engaged and even excited about the topic. This is not always the case for insurance topics so GOOD JOB!"
  • "Excellent knowledge of the topic and well communicated."
  • "I am very pleased with this presentation. It went well beyond the information on the slides and applied analytics to many areas"
  • "Not an easy topic, however, the examples provided were worthwhile and provided insight into organizations that use analytics for a competitive edge."
  • "Very relevant topic and excellent presentation."
  • "Just noting again that this was a good webinar. More from this speaker please!"

You can count on exemplary work for your company because...

  •  I've served both management and strategic / tactical levels at insurance companies. That means I am one of you, and I understand the pressures and complexities of what you do.  That gives our partnership a leg up on other choices since we'll understand each other.
  • You get me to work on your projects. Hands on. No delegation to interns or recent college graduates.
  • I'm an active CPCU and take my commitment of continuing  education seriously. I'm an avid reader of trade press, blogs and industry websites to keep current on the P&C industry and the issues facing us.
  • Honesty and integrity - I have numverous personal references and, again, being a committed CPCU, I have taken an oath to high ethical standards.
  • I've worked with tens of insurers and been in hundreds of meetings listening to the concerns, needs and plans of insurers. I have seen the good and the not so good and I know the difference. This experience provides a backdrop to how I do business.  My approach is to start from the beginning to understand what makes an insurer tick. What is the history? Who are the stakeholders? What are the issues? What has worked and what has not?  No two companies are alike.  There is no routine methodology nor routine solution or silver bullet. We jump right in together, understand the objectives, and brainstorm together for the best way to solve each issue.
  • You will get an honest assessment from me and more than a day's work.
  • I will provide objective insights with no ties to any specific solutions.