Achieve cultural shift by Demystifying Analytics 

Familiarize your organization for increased odds of your successful analytic strategy

Instill teamwork and a culture of being an insight driven organization

Get the most ROI from your analytics investment

Create an atmosphere where everyone contributes to your analytic successes

Enrich job value for those who use analytic output



Seminar Topics

  • What is predictive analytics?
  • How do I we know it works?
  • Return on investment examples around the enterprise
  • History of predictive analytics in insurance
  • Will I lose my job?
  • How do I explain it to agents or claimants?
  • What happens to my role?
  • Will I have less to do?
  • What input do I have to decisions?
  • How can I become more productive as a partner with the analytics?
  • What other job skills do I need?