Is your company struggling getting buy in across our organization, limiting the effectiveness of our analytics?


Value proposition for you
Executive level teammate:

The first half of my career was spent working way through increasing levels of responsibility from an underwriter trainee to Vice President of Personal Lines. Fortunate  to have fantastic mentors early in my career, I was  guided by principles and motivations that shaped my future. These experiences gave me  expertise in organization, communication, leadership, adherence to detail, and business acumen form the foundation of my business-focused skills.

Accumulated knowledge of the industry was key to my success in sales as I delivered real-world solutions.  Experience makes me comfortable interacting at both the detail (adjustor, agent or underwriter) and executive levels.   I am committed to high ethical standards and customer sensitivity.

Ojective and Experienced

Guidance Specifically Tailored for Your Company  Needs

Leverage my experience to help you answer these questions and many more

  • How do I get started down the path of using analytics?
  • How do we get buy in across the organization?
  • What are the paybacks?
  • What will others in my organization think and how do we deal with managing the changes?
  • How do we cost justify the investment?
  • What system changes will we need?
  • How do we prioritize what to do first?

Philosophy and quality benchmark for analytics

Analytics are only as good as the way in which they're leveraged through process. Investments in analytcs will only be successful if they are:

  • Prepared for and only used to fit their ultimate business purpose
  • Driven by relevant data that's consistently available and makes intuitive sense for the purpose
  • Owned by the users of process
  • Understood by downstream entities affected by processes incorporating them
  • Clear in their return on investment to users along the process chain
  • Clearly defined by managementon purpose and scope
  • Treated as only one ingredient in the overall business recipe and complimented by qualitative measures